Spelarföreningen is the professional football players’ association in Sweden. The main goal and purpose of the association is to protect players and their interests in all possible ways and to improve the conditions for all footballplayers in Sweden and also around the world through FIFPro – the world players’ union.

A constantly changing football market and an increasing amount of football jobs mean that situations where things can go wrong will appear more frequently. There will be times when you are struggling with contractual issues, insurances, pensions and salaries. With more money involved, the risk of disputes with for example your club, agent or insurance company increases. Spelarföreningen will be there to help and support.

Spelarföreningen is a member of FIFPro. This means that you as a member are protected both on a national and international level in a large network of 65 000 fotball players world wide. 

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Life after football

Get advice and guidance when it comes to planning your next carreer.

Protect your football carreer

Are you fully protected when it comes to injuries and unemployment?

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Player rights

Do you need consultation when it comes to contracts and/or disputes?

ADAPT your membership


Help and support with; Legal, next carreer, education, wellbeing, insurances 

Income insurance

Are you fully protected when it comes to injuries and unemployment?

Unemployment insurance

Your current contract will end at some point. Make sure you are financially covered!