Spelarföreningen in English


As a member of the Players Union, you personally can get  access to a big amount of experience regarding the Swedish professional football market, we provide professional assistance when it comes to the economical and legal issues regarding your football carreer.

Additionally, your membership in Spelarföreningen strengthen us to work towards better general conditions for the footballer in Sweden.

This association’s work is a team effort in which the members through membership gives strength to face our counterparts at the federal and club level.

There are many big issues of today that players seems to take for granted, but the players union has worked hard for those during the years.

For example: Standard player Contracts, insurance policies, social protection, CBA.

Other areas where Spelarföreningen can help you as a member:

  • Agent issues
  • Legal issues
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • If you get injured or sick.

If your not already a member please contact us and/or apply for membership on this site. ”Bli medlem” (Become a member).