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Far from all elite football players will make so much money during their career that you become financially independent for the rest of your life. You will be financially independent at least 30 years left before your peers retire. What will you do in the meantime? As an elite athlete in general and football players in particular, you have many qualities that are sought after in the workplace. You have, among other things, discipline, commitment, passion and is a goal-oriented team player.

With this as background, we have created a CV database where you as a member can post your CV and be visible to relevant companies and businesses in the workplace. Take the first step and enter your CV here:

When you submit your resume to SFS career coach, you have taken the first step towards a career with the football without having to take any time from your current profession. Just follow the steps and add your resume today:

  1. You create your CV
  2. You will receive feedback on your CV
  3. We establish contact with relevant companies and businesses

An order for your CV to stand out of the crowd, it can be important with guidance, education and other skills. (read more about this here)