Far from all elite football players will be financially independent the rest of their lives because of their career. And even if you will be financially independent you have at least 30 years left before your peers retire. What will you do in the meantime? As an elite athlete in general and football players in particular, you have many qualities that are sought after in a civil workplace. You have, among other things, discipline, commitment, passion and are a goal-oriented team player. With this as background, we have created a CV database where you as a member can create CV;s that will help you take out your qualities as an athlete to translate into other fields. Take the first step and register your profile here: CV-Database

When you submit your profile you are free to register and create as many CV;s as you like and make them stand out for the job you want. If you need help in the process do not hesitate to contact Spelarföreningen and we will be at your assistance. 

In order for your CV to stand out of the crowd, it can be important with guidance, education and other skills. Read more about this here