Checklist Allsvenskan/Superettan

Home insurance – Make sure you have insured your home. As a member in the Players Union – Spelarföreningen and playing in Allsvenskan or Superettan a home insurance is included in the membership if you have a salary above 19000 SEK/month. If you are playing in one of the other leagues or have a lower salary you have the possibility to sign up for a home insurance which will save you 500 to 1500 SEK per year depending on where you live. The home insurance will in that case cost you 1000 SEK per year in addition to your membership fee. Talk to us or tick in the box when signing up!

Life insurance – If you have your own family and want to protect them financially and something serious would happen to you we recommend to sign up for a life insurance. Check with your bank or insurance company for a good solution.

SEB Health Insurance – Is an insurance negotiated in your collective bargaining agreement which makes you insured when injured or sick. Please ask the staff of Spelarföreningen for more info.

Health declaration – To be fully insured you are going to have to fill in and hand in a health declaration. That is a must to be covered by the full insurance. You can get a health declaration to fill in from your club/SEB (the bank) or talk to us at the players union.

Membership – ALMOST EVERY football player on a professional level will some time during his/her career end up in a situation where you have a long-term injury, are out of contract or not treated okey by the club, agent, insurance companies or other authorities. Spelarföreningen will protect
the members in two ways: collectively and individually.
THE COLLECTIVE PROTECTION applies to all players in Allsvenskan, Superettan, Damallsvenskan and Elitettan through
negotiation of collective bargaining agreements (cba:s) with the clubs as well as standard agreements with the national association. A collective bargaining agreement contains conditions for occupational pensions, insurances, vacation and marketing rights. But a collective bargaining agreement with good conditions does not come for free. Your membership
in Spelarföreningen supports our work and gives strength to improve the football players’ working conditions in general. ON AN INDIVIDUAL LEVEL you as a member can protect yourself even more. Together
with the trade union, called Unionen, and their unemployment insurance (a-kassan) we can offer you a complete financial and legal protection as well as advice on your particular situation.
THE QUESTION YOU should ask yourself is:
How do I value my football career?

A-kassan – A membership in Spelarföreningen and/or Unionen does not automatically mean that you are a part of the unemployment insurance system called a-kassan. If you are a EU/EES citizen or a permanent resident here in Sweden we recommend you to join Unionens a-kassa if you plan to stay and work in Sweden for more than a year. It works as a security for you if you get unemployed when your contract expires. If you get unemployed there is a possibility to receive 80 % of your salary from a-kassan during the first 100 days up to a maximum of SEK 33 000 month. For salarys above that level the income insurance from Unionen kicks in to cover up to SEK 60 000. You have to be a member of a-kassan and pay the membership fee for at least 12 months to be entitled to the unemployment benefits. The fee for a-kassan is SEK 140 month. Sign up for a-kassan here!

Extra income insurance – If you have a salary above 60 000 SEK per month there is a possibility to insure salaries above that by choosing to sign up for an extra income insurances through the trade Union. Talk to us if that is something you are interested in.

Pensions – 4,5% of your gross salary is set aside as an occupational pension for you by your club. Read more about the Swedish Pension system here. You can choose for yourself how and in what funds you want to place your money through the bank responsible (SEB)

Athlete pension – by setting aside parts of your salary you can in a financially beneficial way save for something called athletes pension. Your athlete pension can be activated and paid out when you end your football career. Ask us for more information.

Agent regulations – It is important for you as a player to know that there are regulations for working with intermediaries/agents in Sweden. One of them is that your intermediary has to be registered with the FA to be able to work within the Swedish football market. If he/she is not registered you as a player can become liable and punished for working with a non registered. So please be aware when starting a new collaboration. Read the full regulations on working with intermediaries here.

Red Button app and matchfixing – One of the biggest threats to the game is matchfixing. The players have key roll and an obligation to make sure that matches are not fixed and it is on you as an individual to always report if you have been approached by someone trying to fix a match. Read more about the reporting tool and how you can protect yourself and the game.

Education and next career services – as a member you have the possibility to enhance your competencies and prepare yourself for life after football. Put yourself in a good spot and start planning for your future as soon as possible. Our Player Development Manager can help assist you in any questions you have regarding education, career paths or wellbeing.